When the calendar competition ended at the beginning of March, I realized that I needed to get some volunteers quickly to be the calendar’s winter months. Stacia quickly volunteered herself and Hazelnut to be one of the first to get their photos taken. When I called Stacia, I asked her where in Wasilla might be a good spot with some winter snow still on the ground. She told me that she had a plane and a helicopter and asked if I would like to fly out to Knik Glacier. Is that even a question?!? Absolutely! 

I met Stacia and Cash at their part house, part hangar and rode out to Knik Glacier in the back of Cash’s plane with two sweet pups on my shoulder. Stacia met us out at the glacier with her helicopter. What an amazingly gorgeous day we had! Clear skies and bright sun, it was definitely a dream come true to be able to photograph a pup out on a glacier. Hazelnut was a great subject and put up with us positioning her this way and that on the lake. I am so excited for these photos to be in the calendar for 2020. Thank you Stacia and Cash for your generosity flying us all out to the glacier for a shoot! It is one I’ll remember for forever!

Side note: if you’re looking for a flying adventure, check out Stacia and Cash’s flying service Neacola Mountain Air. You can check it out here. Cash also has his own hunting and guiding business called Vast Alaska. You can check it out here.  Both Cash and Stacia were so kind and fun to work with, I highly recommend their services!


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