Bartles, Ditto, Bella and Sam

What began as a calendar shoot with Bartles as our main pup, turned into a full session with his three siblings: Ditto, Bella and Sam. Terry told me a bit about each of these pups but one in particular stuck out to me: Bella, an 8 year old Border Collie rescue. This is from Terry’s questionnaire: “[Bella] was rescued from Trapper Creek, Alaska in the spring of 2014, after her owner passed away from cancer. She spent 2 years on a 3 foot sled dog tieout with a half barrel for a shelter. When I was trying to transfer her to a leash, she took off and jumped into my vehicle and laid down in the back seat. She was finally going to a real home.”  I absolutely loved that. Bella knew how much love Terry had in store for her and just went ahead and got in the car. Such a cool story! Bella also was a bit camera shy and we had to pull out all the stops to get images of her with her ears perked up. She was such a good sport with all the noises we made to get her to look at me!

Bartles was my first 2020 Calendar winner to be photographed! Sweet Terry was so flexible with my frantic scheduling of winter shoots before all the snow melted and suggested we meet for a shoot at Hatcher Pass. Most of the snow was gone in Anchorage, but Hatcher Pass still had TONS of snow. In fact, it started snowing during our shoot! 

Four dogs are a handful so Terry enlisted the help of her nieces, Alyssa and Megan and I brought along my husband, Griff as well. It was a party at Hatcher Pass! We had a blast in the snow attempting to wrangle four dogs each with different opinions as to where we should go! They all did so well and I am so excited that I was able to get a few pictures with all four of them together. That was Terry’s main request and I’m glad that all of our pup wranglers (and a little help from Photoshop!) could make that happen for her! Thanks Terry for inviting me into your pack of pups and for being a part of the calendar competition!


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