Tina and Tang

Guys. Look at this cute pup! This is Tangles, a one year old Dalmatian. I had never met a Dalmatian in real life before and had always wanted to since I first saw 101 Dalmatians as a kid. I was so excited when Christina contacted me and told me about Tangles. She wanted her photographed in the snow with her black and white coloring so we had to act fast before the snow melted in Anchorage. 

Christina mentioned in her questionnaire that Tangles was her adventure buddy and so we ended up going on a bit of a road trip down the Turnagain Arm. Christina loves to snow machine and so she took me to one of her favorite spots. Our original thought was that we would park and walk the quarter mile or so to the tree line and take photos there. We thought that the snow would have been packed down enough from snow machines to be able to make it there. Well, we were wrong! We hopped up onto the snow bank and we didn’t take more than 3 steps before both Christina and I had sunk knee deep into the snow! Whoops! We definitely weren’t making it to the tree line, but we were able to get some fun shots of these two adventure buddies attempting to stay on top of the snow. 

It was pretty cold and it had started to rain, so we didn’t last long outside before heading back to the truck. From there we ventured down towards the Whittier Tunnel to see if we could see any good spots for photographs. I am so thankful that Christina has an adventurous spirit because I had a fun idea for a picture in a tunnel. We braved the rain and wind to get these photos and I am so happy with the results! Thank you Christina for letting me tag along on an adventure and for being so willing to brave the cold, wind and rain!

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