When I moved to Alaska in 2015, I thought I was one of the few Georgians to make the trek to Anchorage. This idea was confirmed each time I told someone that I was from Georgia. The two questions I got were: “Why the heck did you move to Alaska??” And “Where is your accent?”. As for the accent, I have no idea. And why I moved to Alaska, just look at those mountains! How could I not move up here?

I’ve met a few Georgians since I moved up here but most that I’ve met came up here through the military. William reached out to me and said that one of the reasons he wanted to contact me was because I mentioned on my website that I was a University of Georgia graduate. I asked him if he has graduated from UGA and he said he graduated twice from UGA! How crazy that two UGA grads would cross paths here in Anchorage, Alaska! What a small world.

And now on to the good stuff! Guys, look at this cute little nugget: this is Shadow the 5 month old black lab. Being 5 months old, he was full of energy, but you could tell how hard William has been working with him and training him. I had asked William during our consultation how he felt taking Shadow’s leash off during the session. William wasn’t sure Shadow was ready for that quite yet but a little less than two weeks later during our shoot, Shadow was off his leash almost the entire time! He was so well behaved and a joy to be around.

There’s something so special about a puppy’s enthusiasm about life. Tromping around the frozen marsh at the Helen Louise McDowell Sanctuary was made all the more fun with sweet little Shadow trailing behind us and playfully chomping at the straps hanging from my camera backpack! What a cutie. I’m so glad that I got to meet Shadow at such a fun age. Thank you William for hanging out with me and allowing me to capture Shadow’s puppy stage!

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