If there were an award for best head tilt, Bear would most certainly be the winner. Bear is an 8 month old fluffy German Shepherd mix. Amy and Doug adopted Bear from Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue when Bear was just a 6 week old fluffball. He had a broken leg and was on activity restriction for a few weeks. After the activity restriction was lifted, Amy and Doug decided that they couldn’t say goodbye to little Bear and made him a part of their family! 

Bear was such a sweetie and a joy to photograph. There’s something contagious about the joy of puppies and it’s always a fun day when I get to capture that joy. The four of us headed to Flat Top to take photos for the calendar and hopefully capture that ridiculously cute head tilt. Flat Top is such a great place to capture the mountains here in Anchorage that doesn’t require a ton of hiking or driving. Thank you Amy and Doug for spending a Saturday morning withe me enjoying the sunshine and Bear’s playful puppy spirit. I’m excited for this little nugget to be in the calendar!


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