Deshka and Kayla were my fourth and final winter shoot for my 2020 calendar. Kayla and I tried to find the best spot for photos with snow down in Girdwood and we landed on Winner Creek Trail. I love that spot in the summer and it was pretty fantastic in the spring too! We were cutting it pretty close with the snow (or lack thereof) in some spots but luckily, sweet Deshka was a snow magnet! She loved rolling around in the snow, digging in it, laying in it…basically, Deshka was a perfect winter month pup! 

Deshka is a 3 year old Newfoundland mix and Kayla’s adventure buddy. She said that Deshka loves being in the mountains and that playing in the snow is her favorite activity. I always love hearing how people came up with the names for their dogs. Kayla is a hydrologist and does a lot of work on rivers throughout the state. Deshka is a river out in the Susitna Valley and Kayla said that for work, they used to launch boats at Deshka Landing to reach some of their sites. It’s so fun to hear those stories and see into people’s lives. 

Kayla and Deshka were so much fun to hang out with for the morning in Girdwood. Winner Creek Trail is such a perfect spot and I’m so glad we caught it before all the snow was gone! Thanks again Kayla for spending time with me and helping me capture sweet Deshka!


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