One of my first calendar shoots for the summer was sweet little Freya and her family. Freya is a 9 month old beautiful white and cream husky mix that was rescued from Alaska Animal Rescue Friends at just 9 weeks old. She was a such a great model for our shoot and it looks like she’s smiling in so many of her photos! She loved running around with the two kiddos and it was a blast to see them all interacting.

Freya did so well staying still when we asked her to, which is tough when you’re a nine month old puppy! I had always wanted to take photos at the wooden bridge that crosses over Raspberry when you’re driving into Kincaid, so that was our first stop. I absolutely love the way that bridge arches in the middle. It makes for great photos, especially of miss Freya! We wandered around that portion of Kincaid park for a little bit and then ventured to one of my favorite spots in Kincaid: the wooden bench on the ridge trail overlooking the inlet. I know it’s a pretty popular spot, and for good reason! It’s got an amazing view and I was excited to get to capture Freya and her humans there. Thank you Cassi so much for spending time with me and helping me capture the best images of Freya for the calendar! 


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