Oh my goodness, what a sweet pup Shelby is! She is the perfect example of a Golden Retriever, so friendly and wanting to be right at your side all the time. A majority of my pictures are of Shelby walking towards me because as soon as I knelt down to snap her portrait, she wanted to come over to snuggle! I think I spent just almost the same amount of time snuggling Shelby and giving her pets as I did photographing her! 

Megan, Shelby and I ventured up to the Glen Alps Trailhead in southeast Anchorage for this gorgeous session. We went out towards Powerline Pass and enjoyed the amazing mountain views and some fresh snow! I know Megan through my work as a flight attendant in Anchorage and it was wonderful to get to see her outside of the airplane, as well as see the love between her and Shelby. Megan has had Shelby since she was 8 weeks old and you can just see how much Shelby adores Megan. I loved picking out my favorite images and seeing how often Shelby was looking at Megan. It was so sweet! Thank you Megan for allowing me to capture your Shelby and spend the afternoon together. I had a blast and these portraits of Shelby are some of my favorite photos that I've ever taken!


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