License To Chill - Flyball Tournament

“It’s like drag racing…but with dogs!” is the best description I’ve ever heard of flyball. I had never even heard of flyball before November of last year when I was invited to a flyball practice. If you’ve never heard of or seen flyball, watch the video below! The photos will make a lot more sense that way! :)

This tournament was so much fun! I love how excited the dogs get before they run. You can tell they’re having a blast and are ready to go when it’s their turn. I took tons of photos including a lot (and by a lot I mean hundreds…) of photos of dog butts. Like this one:

Meredith Berg Photography Anchorage Alaska Dog Pet Photographer License To Chill-236.jpg

They were so fast! It was a challenge keeping up with their pace, but I am very happy with the photos I got. I think my favorites are the views from the front of the dog when they’re jumping over the hurdles with all four paws off the ground. They’re pretty amazing pups!

Flyball is the only dog sport (that I know of!) that is a team sport. Agility, nosework, rally, obedience, herding and dog diving are all solo events with dog and owner working together. I love the team aspect of flyball and think it would be really fun to do this with a future dog of mine someday! If you’re interested in getting involved with flyball, there are three teams here in Anchorage. I’ve included their team name and links to websites and Facebook page.

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