Meet Auggie (short for Augustus), the 5 month old Australian Shepherd. Auggie’s mom, Teresa, is a former co-worker of mine and back in June she started sending me ridiculously adorable photos of sweet little puppy Auggie. About a month ago, I finally had enough of seeing him via text message and set up a time to go adventuring with Teresa and Auggie! Teresa suggested going down to Girdwood to the Winner Creek Trail and I am so glad she did! It was so beautiful on this trail. I have been down there before but it’s been a few years and I had forgotten how lush and green it can be.

Auggie was so good throughout our session and put up with both Teresa and I directing him. I have so many amazing shots from this session and I loved his energy. He was more than happy to model for me and help me practice my action shots! I am so glad I got to spend the afternoon with these two! Thank you Teresa for allowing me to capture Auggie’s puppy energy in such a beautiful spot!

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