What a fun day! Yukon, Sue and I ventured out and about in Eagle River a few weeks ago (when there was still snow on the ground!) to take some photos for Sue’s Christmas Card. Yukon is a ball full of energy and it was so much fun to photograph him. I’ve said this before, but it is seriously the most fun to figure out what gets each dog’s attention. For Yukon, it was Sue. It was so sweet to watch him looking up at her with those big brown eyes.  I thought that Sue could hold his leash and I could call his name or have a treat in my hand to get his attention. Nope. Nada.

I love this job because there is so much problem solving that goes into being a dog photographer. What to do with a pup that only pays attention to their owner? Sue put Yukon on his leash and we put that leash over a log to hold him in his spot! Sue stood behind me to get his attention, and bam! We got some amazing shots because of Sue’s relationship with Yukon. He did end up getting tired of being on his leash and I included a photo of his frustration with the leash for you to see! What a cutie!

Thank you so much, Sue for spending a snowy morning with me! I loved exploring the places that you and Yukon love too.

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